William H Schirmer

WILLIAM H. SCHIRMER EMMY AWARD RECIPIENT (War and Remembrance)Special Effects Coordinator/ Supervisor State and Federal Pyrotechnic LicensesCertified Blaster CaloshaI.A.T.S.E. Local #44D.G.A.S.A.G.F.A.A. PilotCertified Scuba Diver Credits:“Dukes of Hazzard 2” SPFX.  SUPERVISOR“Fast & the Furious 3 Tokyo Drift” SP.FX. SUPERVISOR FLIGHT PLAN” Disney        (F)                               SP.FX. & VFX COORDINATOR“HARRY GREEN & EUGENE   ABC (Pilot)              SP.FX. COORDINATOR“KAREN SISCO”       ABC                                         SP.FX. COORDINATOR“HOMELAND SECURITY” (Pilot)   NBC                  SP.FX. COORDINATOR“KINGPIN” (Pilot+5) NBC                                         SP.FX. COORDINATOR“WIND TALKERS” (F) John Woo Dir/Prod.              SP.FX. PYROTECHNICIAN            Hawaii“PEARL HARBOR” (F) Michael Bay Dir/Prod            SP.FX. PYROTECHNICIAN            Hawaii, Texas, LA, Mexico“WRONGFULLY ACCUSED (F)                              SP.FX. SUPERVISOR            Vancouver, Canada“FIRE DOWN BELOW” (F)                                       SP.FX. COORDINATOR            Hazard, KY.“DIE HARD III: With A Vengeance” (F)                      SP.FX. SUPERVISOR            N.Y., So. Carolina“DRAGON” The Bruce Lee Story (F)                          SP.FX. COORDINATOR            Hong Kong, LA.                                              “WAR AND REMEMBERANCE” (30 Hr. Mini.)       SP.FX.COORDINATOR            “AMAZING STORIES” (2 Yr. Series)                        SP.FX.COORDINATOR            “LEGAL EAGLES” (F)                                                SP. FX. COORDINATOR            New York “THE BREAKFAST CLUB”                                       SP.FX. COORDINATOR“AND THE BAND PLAYED ON”                             SP.FX. COORDINATOR“TREMORS” 2ND UNIT (F)                                       SP. FX. COORDINATOR“THE RIVER RAT” (F)                                               SP. FX. COORDINATOR“HAWAIIN HEAT” (13)                                             SP. FX. COORDINATORHONOLULU RUN” (PILOT)                                     SP. FX. COORDINATOR“CALAMITY JANE”                                                 SP. FX. COORDINATOR“STREET HAWK” (PILOT)                                       SP. FX. COORDINATOR“GAVILAN” (13)                                                        SP.FX. COORDINATOR“THE FALL GUY” (22)                                               SP. FX. COORDINATOR“THE GANGSTER CHRONICLES” (13)                  SP. FX. COORDINATOR“HIGH NOON PT. II                                                 SP. FX. COORDINATOR“FUGITIVE FROM THE EMPIRE”                           SP. FX. COORDINATOR“SIMON & SIMON” (PILOT)                                    SP. FX. COORDINATOR“THE CONTENDER” (PILOT)                                  SP. FX. COORDINATOR“THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN” (10)                      SP. FX. COORDINATOR“GALACTICA 1980” (13)                                         SP. FX. COORDINATOR“MOVIE MOVIE” (F)                                                 SP. FX. COORDINATOR“THADEUS ROSE & EDDIE”                                    SP. FX. COORDINATOR“NOBODYS PERFECT) (PILOT+ 6)                         SP. FX. COORDINATOR ================================================ Personal references on request *THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION* CELL PHONE: OFFICE PHONE: 2008 Emmy Nominations billfx@earthlink.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.