Eugene Paul Rizzardi Jr.

Gene Rizzardi

Special Effects, Props, Miniatures


(818) 314 8211 • 28206 Tambora Drive • Canyon Country, CA. 91351



Miniatures/Propshop • Special Effects • CA licensed Pyro technician


Summary of Qualifications:


            35 years of successful experience in the Motion Picture, Theme Park and   Architectural Industries providing Miniatures, Special Effects and Props and Sets.



            Knowledge and use for the following equipment and processes:


            Table Saws, Band Saws, Radial and Miter Saws. Disc, Belt and Spindle Sanders. Drill Press, Vertical Milling machines, wood and metal lathes. Vacuforming, Metal casting (rubber and sand). Glass bending, plaster casting, clay sculpting, Mold making, fiberglass, epoxy, silicone and urethanes. Composite fiberglass, epoxy construction, vacuum bagging. Laser and Water jet cutting. Rapid Prototyping and CNC machining processes

            Nitrogen and Steam rigging and operation. Robo-fogger, Snow, Rain rigging,Pyrotechnics, bullet hits. E-fans, Wind Machines, F-100             and Hazer smokers

On set plumbing of sinks, bathrooms, Hot water heaters, pool heaters, Set Construction


Computer Skills:

Macintosh and Windows computers

Auto CAD 2013 software, Rhino, Revit

Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point

Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Acrobat

Budgeting and Script breakdowns,

Beam Dynamics Laser Cutting Software

Corel Draw


Special Licenses:


            3rd class California Pyrotechnic license



            1985 Emmy Award for Outstanding Visual Effects


Professional Organizations:

            • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences – Visual Effects Branch

           • Visual Effects Society – Board of Directors           Awards Committee, Archives Committee, Special Effects Mentor

           • Association of Professional Modelmakers – Mentor/Special Effects

           • IATSE Local 44 – Special Effects / Propshop

Work History:


Special Effects Coordinator:


Bad Teacher

Model Supervisor / Foreman:


Dinner for Schmucks

X-Men 3

Final Destination 2+3

Team America

Peter Pan

James Cameron’s “Titanic”


Mighty Joe Young

Sgt Bilko

Apollo 13

Island of Dr Moreau

Highlander III

Rambo III

Army of Darkness

Killer Klowns from Outer Space,

Deal of the Century


Mega Force

She Devil

Masters of the Universe

Time Cop

The Tower

Oceans of Fire

Star Trek Next Generation

Deep Space Nine

Stand By Me


Special Effects Technician:


Henry Danger


Criminal MInds

Lie to Me




Private Practice


Saving Grace

Tell me you love me

Crank 2 “High Voltage

Charlie Wilson’s War

House Bunny

The Comebacks

  1. CSI New York

Still Waiting 2

28 Days

The Grinch that Stole Christmas

28 Days

American Beauty

Inspector Gadget

Knight Rider 2

Demolition Man

Alien Resurrection

Honey I blew up the Kids

Mortal Kombat 2

Seaquest DSV.




Star Trek 11

Star Trek Nemesis

Star Trek Enterprise

Star Trek Voyager

Hell Boy

Live Free Die Hard

XXX-2 State of the Union


Mission Impossible 2 and 3

American Pie 2

The Patriot

Nutty Professor II

Monkey Bone

Wild Wild West

Strange Days



Black Widow

Masters of the Universe

Bring it On

13 Days


Sum of All Fears

The Island


Model Shop Supervisor – Companies:


Applied Minds

Model Shop Supervisor Various Projects


Chiodo Bros Productions - Various Projects

Model Shop Supervisor


DZYNZ - Various Projects

Model Project Lead.


Merv Griffin Productions         

Scenic and Fabrication Manager

Trade Show, Display, Museum and Large Events


Star Trek World Tour   "Titan" SpaceShip

Chief Modelmaker


Final Destination 3 /CPC Productions

Model Shop Foreman


X-Men 3          

Model Shop Foreman             


Team America/Paramount Picture

Model Effects Supervisor


Cinema Production Services  

Model Supervisor- various productions


The Hand Prop Room 

Manufacturing Supervisor – various productions


Sightline VFX                         

Model Supervisor


Action Design - Various projects

Model Supervisor        


Digital Domain Titanic, Sgt Bilko       

Model Shop Crew Chief and various projects


Walt Disney Imagineering

Dimensional Design Manager                                                                         

Introvision Systems                 

Model Supervisor- various productions


Landmark Entertainment

Show Producer –

Sanrio Puroland -Miniplants



Model Supervisor – various productions



Model Supervisor – various productions





Additional References on Request



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