Why Join Local 44?

Advantages of Local 44 Membership

  • Fair Wages and Decent Working Conditions.
  • Overtime pay after working 8 hours each day or 40 hours per week.
  • Compensation for missed meals, short turnaround, etc.
  • Health and Welfare Benefits.
  • A choice of medical plans paid for by your employer in accordance with our agreements. Members employed under the Motion Picture Basic Agreement, MOW Agreement, Commercial Agreement and Green Book Video Agreement are covered under the Motion Picture Industry Pension & Health Plans.
  • Safer Working Conditions, State and Federal safety laws enforced at all times.
  • Your health and well being on the job is a priority.
  • Procedures for Disputes and Grievances.
  • A business representative, shop steward and/or legal counsel are available to respond to serious problems in the workplace such as pay disputes, discrimination, harassment and health/safety issues.
  • State and Federal Representation looking out for your interests, such as safety and work conditions.

For more details and to apply for Local 44 membership, please Contact Us.