Jeffery D. deBell

Jeffrey D. DeBell

1106 W. Park #242, Livingston, MT 59047

Mobile: 406- 570-3733,

Costa Rica phone: 506-2228-5069

(I.A.T.S.E  local 44, Los Angeles)

2010 “The Lucky One”, Feature Film, Greens Coordinator, New Orleans, LA

2010 “Just Go With It” Feature Film, Greens Coordinator, LA, Maui, Kauai

2009 “Grown Ups”, Feature film, Greens Coordinator, Boston, MA

2008 “The Invention of Lying”, Feature film, Greens Coordinator, MA

2008 “The Chosen One”, Feature film, Production Designer, Costa Rica

2008 “Quantom of Solace ” Feature film, Greens Coordinator, Panama

2007 “Bonkers” commercial, Greens Coordinator-Costa Rica

2007 “I Am Legend” feature film, Greens Coordinator-New York, NY

2006 “Dan In Real Life” feature film, Greens Foreman-Newport, RI

2006 “There Will Be Blood” feature film, Greens Coordinator-Marfa,Texas

2006 “Fearless Luxury, Rolex” Photo shoot-Greens coordinator-Costa Rica

2005 “Miami Vice” feature film-Greens Foreman-Montevideo,Uruguay

2005 “Pirates of the Caribbean 2Greens Foreman-Grenadines

2004 “The New World” feature film- Greens Coordinator- Williamsburg, VA

2004 “End of the Spear” feature film- Greens Foreman- Colon, Panama

2002/03 “Big Fish” feature film- Greens gang boss- Montgomery, AL

2002 “Iron Jawed Angels”-HBO film-Greens Coordinator- Richmond, VA

2001/02 “The Hunted” feature film- Greens Coordinator- Portland, Oregon

2001 “…Ya Ya Sisterhood” feature -Greens Coordinator- Wilmington, N.C

2000 “Bandits” feature film- Greens Coordinator- Oregon & California

2000 “Proof of Life” feature film- Greens Foreman- Quito, Ecuador

1999 “The Patriot” feature film-Greens Foreman-Rock Hill, South Carolina

1998 “Cider House Rules” feature film-Greens Foreman- Massachusetts

1998 “Practical Magic” feature film- Greens Foreman-Washington

1997 “Magnificent Seven” TV pilot-Greensman- Sierra Vista, Arizona

1997 “In Dreams” feature film-Set dresser gang boss- Massachusetts

1996 “Lawn Dogs” feature film-Greens Foreman- Louisville, Kentucky

1996 “Eight Heads in a Duffle Bag” feature-Set dresser- California

1996 “The Ghosts of Mississippi” feature film-Set dresser- Mississippi

1995 “The Phantom” feature film – Greensman- Krabi, Thailand

1995 “Beautiful Girls” feature film- Set dresser- Minneapolis, Minnesota

1994 “Sudden Death” feature film-Construction Foreman- Pennsylvania

1994 “The Jungle Bookfeature-Construction Gang Boss- Tennessee

1994 “In the Army Now” feature film- Prop maker- Yuma, Arizona

1993 “The Quick and the Dead” feature film- Set dresser- Tucson, Arizona

1993 “Stargate” feature film- Set dresser- Yuma, Arizona

1993 “The Client” feature - Construction Gang Boss, Memphis Tennessee

1993 “ Heart of Darkness” TV movie- Set Dresser- Belize, Central America

1993 “Iron Will” feature film- Set Dresser- Duluth Minnesota

1992 “Philadelphia” feature film- Set Dresser- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1992 “ Sommersby” feature film- Construction Foreman- Virginia

1991 “A Woman Named Jackie” TV movie- Construction Foreman- Virginia

1990 “Ironclads” TV movie- Prop Maker- Richmond, Virginia