Jerry Leonid Carnett

Hi. I am a Local 44 Propmaster. I changed my craft from Propmaker 2 years ago.

This intro and my PDF resume is getting progressively changed to reflect my jobs and skillsets related more specifically to the Propmaster craft.  It is currently oriented towards design and engineering and building of specialty props that usually have to operate with one take. Devices like my Interstate Lottery and S&P approved $1,000,000 prize number generator for the 2016 Emmy nominated show Monopoly Millionairs Club which had over $8,500,000 in winners on my machine and custom S&P approved 8" dice.

It does not highlight my work as a Propmaster or in Property. So feel free to read into it as to how I can be beneficial to your team or project as a Propmaster or in property and also as a set dresser. I also have fantastic "crafty" skills as I work with most materials, tools and types of projects.

I excel at dealing with, handling or understanding finicky, expensive or hero props.


I am also selling some of my surplus equipment in the Toolcrib section.


Thank you,

Jerry Carnett