Joanna Venezky

                                                     Joanna Gilliam Venezky

310-463-8353                 IATSE Local 44

Buyer                               “Scorpion” CBS TV-4 seasons 2014-2018     Erika Rice

Buyer                             “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”-2014           Amanda Moss Serino

Buyer                                    “Cougartown” TBS season 5 2013                   Cynthia McCormac

Buyer                                    “Freezer Burn”-Marvel 2013                   Leslie Pope

Buyer                                     “Saving Mr Banks”-Disney 2012                 Susan Benjamin                                                           

Buyer                                    “Community” NBC 2011             Don Diers & Denise Pizzini

Buyer                                      “Guilt Trip“ 2011                                 Karen O’Hara

Buyer -LA                      “Hemmingway & Gelhorn” HBO 2011     Jim Erickson

Buyer                                      “Water for Elephants” 2010-11        Jim Erickson  

Buyer-LA                                “The Pacific“ HBO 2010                   Denise Pizzini

Buyer                                      “Back Up Plan” 2009                           Kathy Lucas

Buyer                                      “The Ugly Truth” 2008                      Kathy Lucas

Buyer                                       “Quarantine” 2007                             Dena Roth

Buyer                                       “Nancy Drew”   2007                         Kathy Lucas

Assistant Decorator            “Duplex”      2003                              Cynthia McCormac

Drapery painter                    “The Last Samurai” 2002                 Gretchen Rau

Buyer                                         “Spiderman” 2001                            Karen O’Hara

Buyer                                      “Legally Blond” 2000                          Kathy Lucas

Decorator                               “With Friends Like These” 1998     Beth DeSort

Buyer                                      “Molly”   1997                                       Maggie Martin

Gang Boss                              “Out of Sight” 1997                            Maggie Martin

Buyer                                         “Batman and Robin” 1996                Dori Cooper

Buyer                                       “Primal Fear” 1995                               Cindy Carr

Assistant Decorator             “Switch Back” 1995                             Dena Roth

Leadman                                   “Three Wishes” 1994                         Bob Gould

On Set Dresser                       “Jack the Bear” 1992                         Cricket Rollin

On Set Dresser                       “Dying Young” 1991                          Cricket Rollin

Set Dresser                             “Stone Cold” 1991                               Phil Shirey

Set Dresser                             “Texasville” 1990                               Dan Boxer

Art Dept. PA                        “Born On The Fourth of July” 1989   Derek Hill

BFA in Art and Theater        Denison University   1988

I have been assisting Decorators for 27 years, because I love it!

Please contact me for my References or just talk to the manager of any Prop House in Los Angeles.