Joey Calanni

Joey Calanni  Property Master


Josh Groban-Set Dresser                                          Music Video                                           2/15/2013-2-17-2013

Bad Words-Set Dresser                                            Feature Film                                          11/21/2012-12-7-2012

Verizon-Property Master                                          Commercial                                            4/3/2012-4/4/2012

AT&T-Property Master                                             Commercial                                            2/08/2012-2/9/2012

Small Apartments-Property Master                           Feature Film                                           3/15/2011-5/6/2011

Brittany Spears-Set Dresser                                     Music Video                                           3/12/2011-3/14/2011

Marvel Comics-Property Master                                Short Film                                              1/12/2011-1/23/2011

Jennifer Lopez-Set Dresser                                      Music Video                                            12/08/2010-12/10/2010


 I've been in the business for 15 years.  I started in my early 20's as as an art PA on films and commercials in Ohio, shopping, and set dressing. I moved to California in 1998, and I was a camera assistant for 10 years.  I took a break to persue a semi-professional motorcycle racing career, and spent 4 years building BMW Police Motors.  After a few trips to the ICU, I started working with a buddy as a set dresser.  I broke into the union when I got a job on an independant feature that went union.  I have some experience as a prop master on smaller projects, and I would love to work as a second or third prop assistant on larger projects.  I also am more than happy to work as a set dresser until I can find work as a prop assistant.  Honestly, I would love any union work I could get, whatever that entails.  And anyone that is looking for motorcycle racing props can look no further.  Thanks for taking the time to read my resume, and have a nice day.