John Sadler


John Sadler

IATSE  Local 44

Mobile: 562-607-7152


Selected Credits: 

PROPERTY MASTER – Television / Film 

Carnal Innocence (2011) TV movie, Silverscreen Pictures

Director: Peter Markle, Production Design: Rob Wilson King


The Chicago 8 (2010) Feature, Pinchas Perry Prod.

Director / Producer:  Pinchas Perry, Production Design: Yuda Acco


Catalina Island (2009) TV series, Tower 17 Productions

Season 1, Directors: John Schneider, Producer: L. Scott LeGrand


Bound by a Secret (2008) TV movie, Hallmark

Director: David S. Case Sr., Producer: Lincoln Lageson / Mary Church


The Gunfighter’s Pledge (2008) TV movie, RHI Productions

Director: Armand Mastroianni, Producer: Al Dickerson


Backwoods (2007) TV movie, SPIKE

Director: Marty Weiss, Production Design: Yuda Acco


Lone Rider (2007) TV movie, RHI Productions

Director: David S. Cass Sr., Producer: Al Dickerson


The Governor’s Wife (2007) TV movie, Hallmark

Director: D.B. Morris, Production Design: Yuda Acco


You’ve Got A Friend (2007) TV movie, Hallmark

Director: James Contner, Producer: Jeff Kloss


Love is a Four Letter Word (2006) TV movie, Hallmark

Director: Harvey Frost, Producer: Jeff Kloss


Jane Doe: (2008) TV series, Hallmark 

Eye of the Beholder Director: Lea Thompson,

Nature vs. Nurture Director: Jim Contner,





Knight Rider (2009) TV, NBC 

Knight and the City 

Day Turns into Knight 

Co-Producer: Sara Fischer, Property Master: Blanche Sindelar





The Paul Reiser Show (2010), Warner Bros TV

Season 1, Prop Master Blanche Sindelar


All Signs of Death (2010) TV Pilot HBO

Prop Master: Blanche Sindelar



Specialized Skills

Entertainment Firearms Permit



Available upon request