Jonathan Amico

I do mostly Commercials with expericance in Set Dressing, On Set, Leading and Prop Assisting. I have a nice Kit, gray bin rolling cart prop cart and on-set cart. I also have about every tool needed to do anything. If I dont have it, I have access to it!


I work hard and long with no complaining! I am a hobbiest with many skills! I weld, I melt glass, I'm mechanical, I'm creative, I'm great at checking off and packing up smalls, Im great at rigging Gags, I drive trucks, I lift, I'm fast and I don't mind travel jobs.


Movies: The Neon Demon, Point Break (2016), Loves Never Ending Legacy

Commericials: NCAA, Mercedes, Audi, Nissan, Hyundai, Subaru, Dodge, Home Debot, Halos, EA Madden, EBay, Mastercard, Disney,, Whirlpool, Clorox, Yahoo, Reddi Whip, Bud Light, Corona, Kholes, Lowes, Target, Vodaphone, Rite Aid, Shark Week, Progressive, Head and Shoulders, Dial, Cricket Wireless, Apple, and McDonalds. Just to name a few!

Car: Honda Minivan

Jonathan Amico