Justin Aragon

Commercial Clients: Apple, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, KKW Beauty, Yahoo, Facebook, Credit Karma,Commercial Clients: Apple, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, KKW Beauty, Yahoo, Facebook, Credit Karma,Invisalign, Pinterest, Science Channel, Bleacher Report, Corona, ESPN, Google, OWN, Deloitte, Tostitos,Nickelodeon, Cheetos


Skills: Props, Sculpting, Set Building, Buying, Decorating, Adobe CC, Construction, Strong understanding ofanalog and digital technologies, Fantastic buyer, Avid thrifter.


Notable Work

Singing In My Sleep (feature) - Prop Master October 2022, Los Angeles

Fairyland (feature) - On-Set Dresser June 2021, Los Angeles

Amazon x Blumhouse (Live performance) - Prop Master October 2021, Los Angeles

iPhone 13 Announcement (commercial) - Prop Master August 2021, Los Angeles

That’s Amor (feature) - Prop Master May 2021, Los Angeles

Building With Batman (webseries) - Prop Master March 2021, Los Angeles

God’s Country (feature) - Prop Master March 2020, Montana

Paintless (short) - Production Designer February 2020, Los Angeles

No Running (feature) - Assistant Prop Master October 2019, Los Angeles

Mxmtoon “Prom Dress” (music video) - Production Designer May 2019, San Francisco (link)

KKW Beauty - Leadman, Editorial photoshoot April 2019, Los Angeles (Prod. Design - Lucinda Holt)

Women is Losers (feature) - Leadman March 2019, San Francisco (Prod. Design - Susie Alegria)

Alec Benjamin “If I KIlled Someone For You” (music video) - Production Designer December 2018, Los Angeles (link)

Roy Blair “Happy” (music video) - Production Designer July 2018, Los Angeles (link)

The Last Black Man in San Francisco (feature) - Props Assistant, Buye rApril-May 2018, San Francisco (link) (Prop. Master - Rachel Groat)

Bring Me an Avocado (feature) - Assistant Art Director, Set Dresser May 2018, Oakland (link)ㅡ


Education San Francisco State University - Bachelor's Degree in Cinema Production 2014-2018

References available upon request.