Justin Lee Barnette


The Tale Set Dresser - Leadman: Dustin Blankenship

The Clapper Leadman - Production Designer: Dan Butts

Airplane Mode Set Dresser - Leadman: Carlos Fagundo


Toyota Corolla Set Dresser - Leadman: Chad Axman

ESPN Set Dresser - Leadman: Chad Axman

NFL Gatorade Set Dresser - Leadman: Sean Ryan

Jeep Leadman, 5-ton Driver - Production Designer: JR Meyer

Vonage Set Dresser, 5-ton Driver - Leadman: Jonny Day

EA Games: Bejeweled Set Dresser, 5-ton Driver - Leadman: Chad Axman


Fear: Buried Alive Set Dresser - Leadman: Ricardo Orta

New Media:

The Fourth Door: Episodes 1-12 Leadman, 5-ton Driver -

Production Designer: Gary Randall

Specialty Training and Experince:

Previous to entering the film industry I worked as a Union Construction carpenter for 6 years, while also selling my own carpentry jobs at night. I receive 4 years of apprenticeship training from the union on how to do everything from formwork for concrete footers to fine finish carpentry, and 2 years of vocational school training in heating and air conditioning field. Through this training and experience I have learned how to build or modify a huge range of materials and objects to fulfill almost any need and clearly communicate with other people in a concise manner to complete the task at hand.


To be the most organized and well prepared leadman in Los Angeles. I plan to accomplish this my continuing to work toward culminating a crew of art department people that come together to form a cohesive team. By spending time building a leadman kit that anyone would be proud of and continuing to keep it well organized in a fashion that everyone will be able to use it.