Kim E. Bolanowski

Kim Bolanowski / Topanga, California 818-519-8096 IATSE locals #44 & #476 Television: Prince of Peoria Prop Master 16 episodes Stuck in the Middle Prop Master 12 episodes Nicky Ricky Dicky & Dawn Prop Master 75 episodes School of Rock Prop Master 20 episodes Bizaardvark Prop Master 10 episodes See Dad Run Prop Master 47 episodes Journey to the East Prop Master / Pilot Shameless Prop Buyer 12 episodes Showtime Enlightened Asst. Prop Master 20 episodes HBO The Newsroom Asst. Prop Master / Pilot Southland Asst. Prop Master 20 episodes State of Mind Asst. Prop Master 12 episodes Dexter Asst. Prop Master 12 episodes Showtime It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Asst. Prop Master 20 episodes FX Joey Asst. Prop Master 46 episodes Warner Brothers Friends Asst. Prop Master 142 episodes Warner Brothers The Army Show Asst. Prop Master 13 episodes The Parenthood On-set dresser 7 episodes Early Edition Prop Master 20 episodes Tri-Star Missing Persons Asst. Prop Master 20 episodes ABC Film: Sweet Friggin’ Daisies Prop Master Our Family Wedding Asst. Prop Master Fox Searchlight Home Alone 3 Asst. Prop Master Fox Since You've Been Gone Prop Master Tri-Star Groundhog Day Prop Buyer Columbia Day Play - Props: Murphy Brown, Full House, Drew Carey, ER, Desperate Housewives, Marvin Marvin, I Hate My Teenage Daughter, State of Georgia, The Ranch Education: Eastern Illinois University, BA Communications, Charleston, IL