Larry Dean Bovard

Larry "TATE" Bovard

661 803 4983 cell

Local 44 Propmaker/Prop Foreman/fabrication/Effects





Safety always

Carpenter of Rough to Detailed Fine finish work

Custom to Normal Cabinet Installations and alterations and Finish

Custom Tile Installation of Granit, Ceramic and Spanish Saltillo

Flooring, Pergo or laminate installation

Glazer exp with SET GLASS

Aluminum Gimble construction/Installation

Flat construction and Well versed in REPURPOSING flats for RE-USE

Fabrication of Moving effects in Scenery shop

See Projects to completion ,As crew supervision

Fabrication in Effects shop


HP Hydrolics

Condor Qualified Cert Operator

Scissor lift Qualified Cert Operator

ForkliftQualified Operator/Cert Trainer

Heavy equipment Operation

Hazmat 40 hr trained

Shop Equipment operation/Apex/5 ton punch/cold saw/Ellis/mill/lathe

Mig Welding

Foam machineControl/ Operations

Motor control/Operations

Operation of pneumatic moving objects


motor installation

Rigging for crane lifts/placements/Striking










WIPEOUT Season 6/7 on  ABC: Special effects fabrication Journeyman

Installation of Hp hydrolics lines,blocks and controls.Motor installations,Stage construction,POV installs.Operation of gags during filming.


WHAT WOMEN WANT/ Feature film: Glazier gimble fabrication,Window/door and skylight Fabrications/Custom Glass and Aluminum Fabrications


CHARLIES ANGELS/ Feature Film: Special Effects fabrication



MONKEYBONE/Feature Film: Effects and Fabrication of Paper Launching Copy machine

AFLAC Commercial/ Fabrication & operation of rig with Pneumatics during Filming


Glad Commercial / Creation of Rig from scratch including Pneumatics for drop and lift of props and creating trip deck.


CBS MILL/ STUDIOS : Set Building and installations


NBC UNIVERSAL STUDIO BACKLOT:Set building installations


MTV Television show Pilot/ Installation/Operation of Controls for effects during filming including installation of Stage decking


FX Channel, The League TV show: Design/ Fabrication/Operations of Fabricated Rig emulating Hoarse actions for filming and stills.


THE BEST OF ME (RESHOOT)6day/ 88hrs:Re-construct set from photos including full standing boat dock,Patio and adjacent buildings at Disney Ranch lake location.


THE TASTE: (Set dresser) 4 sets including changeouts and re-sets.


THE GOLDGERGS: Set constuction on Sony stage with flooring and stairrails,operating sash windows.


THE COMEDIANS: Effects on Vine promo for new FX show.Constucted boat rig and raised pool to emulate ocean scene with real movements/Actions.Work with talent on rig.

FIAT-Crysler Commercial: set construction,effects/motor installation set up on stage and strike

as Prop foreman.


CHANEL COMMERCIAL:Install subfloor and marlite flooring,construct venting

including window installation on location as Propmaker Foreman.


FED EX commercial : set standby,stage install,window installation and construction of vending machine gag with laminate work and plexi


KIA commercial: installation of faux steel/aluminum surface to emulate aircraft carrier on location


ACURA commercial: construction of steel and aluminum observation tower and install on location

at racetrack 


Zoolights at LA ZOO :installation of ZOOLIGHTS exibit.


NFL Avacado superbowl commercial: Building and installation of set/props,Rock sets,stage and podium


MOPHIE cell battery superbowl commercial: Build and install Wood limb huts with thatched roofs


DOS XX beer commercial: Construction of set/props creation installation and Standby as Prop Foreman


C-SPIRE phone commercial:set/prop construction including standby as Prop Foreman 


Spectracide: Building of signage for commercial and exibit prop:created by hand special size and shape with bark attached to edges on curved sign out of hardwood along with hanger fabrication and welding of steel mounting.


PEPSI-Company Commercial for 2015 Grammy's:18 Prop bicycle's fabrication/welding ,including speaker creation and installation and standby/mechanical support during filming


Chevy car Commercial: Construct and install set on location in LA viewable on


Chasing life: Construct set walls ,install subflooring,install suspebded beams and rafters.


JaneThe Virgin: construct sets,sighnage,build doors and duplicate intricate existing mouldings.Install flooring


TED 2 fearture:(Reshoot) reconstruction of delivered sets from boston,repair and replace mouldings,install linolium and wood flooring.Construction of grand Ballroom,including stage and intricate room/stage mouldings.


Taylor Swift Music video:Building of Locker room scene with various curves,Formica work and installation


M&M's Candy Commercial:Create and install closet in location home for Hero shot.

extend standard shutter doors to required hight requiring re construction.Installed in existing location/doorway along with flats to creat closet with bifold doors.Completed without damage to location or walls and or mouldings.