Solidarity Actions

Local 44 Supports

Resolution to Support Los Angeles Hotel Workers

and to Boycott the Employers Council Hotels

Nearly 3,000 hotel workers - housekeepers, cooks, servers, dishwashers, bellmen, front desk

workers and PBX workers - have been attempting to win a new union contract from eight* luxury

 Los Angeles hotels that have formed the Hotel Employers Council. These workers have been

working without a contract since April 2004.


The Employers Council has used intimidation, the fear of an employer lockout, threats to hire

replacement workers, and the termination of the worker's union contract to attempt to force the

workers to back down from their demands for: Humane Workloads, Paid Sick Days, Employer-

Paid Health Insurance, Livable Wages and a Contract Expiration aligned with other major



In order to support Los Angeles hotel workers and to help them protect their rights and their voice

on the job, Affiliated Property Craftspersons, IATSE Local 44, hereby pledges to stop doing business

with the following hotels:


Century Plaza                               

  Wilshire Grand
Bonaventure Sheraton Universal Regent Beverly Wilshire
Hyatt West Hollywood Hyatt Regency Millennium Biltmore

* St Regis was dropped from the list due to conversion to condominiums.

IATSE Local 44 will not meet, eat or sleep at any of these hotels until the Unite Here Local 11 workers at the Employers Council hotels have achieved a fair and just contract. Until that contract has been signed, we will encourage our members and our allied unions and organizations to join us in this boycott. We call on our members to honor this boycott and hold their wedding receptions, high school reunions, and all functions at union hotels not on the boycott list.

                                                                       Approved by the Executive Board of

                                                                       Affiliated Property Craftspersons, IATSE Local 44

                                                                       December 15, 2004


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When Americans are unemployed,

they put even more out of work to make this movie.

The highly publicized film "Cinderella Man" opens June 3. It is a classic American story in every way, with one exception: where it was made. It was filmed in Toronto instead of the United States,using labor heavily subsidized by the Canadian government. How ironic that this story of a man literally fighting to provide for his family at the height of the Depression should be filmed in a foreign country, costing America hundreds of middle-class jobs and contributing to the dangerous trade imbalance which now deeply concerns our economic experts.


L.A. Hotel Workers

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